A trip to Israel can be a transformative experience: from walking the walls of the old city of Jerusalem and praying at the Western Wall to participating in an archeological dig; from snorkeling in Eliat to swimming in the Mediterranean to floating in the Dead Sea; from cosmopolitan Tel Aviv to holy Jerusalem and every place in between. And there is even good fishing in Israel too!

Italo Labignan, the host of the television show Canadian Sportfishing, filmed a 10 day fishing expedition to Israel. When we spoke, Italo told me all about his trip and the best places to catch freshwater and salt-water fish in Israel.

My interview with Italo is divided into three articles:
1. Fishing in Israel Part 1: Salt Water
2. Fishing in Israel Part 2: Fresh Water
3. Fishing in Israel Part 3: Tackle Shops

Thanks to friends in Israel, I’ve also learned about two fishing parks with stocked ponds: Kibbutz Dafna and Dag Bakfar.

I'm always looking for more information about freshwater and salt-water fishing in Israel, so if you have fished in the Holy Land, send me an Email.


The Fly Fishing Rabbi

Beach casting in Nahariya

Italo with a Giant Travelly from the Red Sea

Italo with a rainbow trout and fly fishing the Dan River