Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why do You Fly Fish? Reader’s Interview

A professor friend of mine, Sam Snyder, is writing his doctoral dissertation on fly fishing, religion and environmentalism. Sam interviewed me for his research, and asked some thought-provoking questions about why I fly fish and the connection between fly fishing, religion and conservation.

Now it’s your turn to be interviewed! Courtesy of Sam Snyder, below are five questions for your reflection and response. And there are free prizes too!

1. Please email me your responses to the interview questions below by August 5th.

2. Everyone who e-mails me a response to any question will receive their choice of a FREE Fly Fishing Rabbi button or refrigerator magnet.

3. In addition, three people will be randomly chosen to receive a free copy of Fool’s Paradise, the new book by John Gierach, courtesy of the publisher Simon & Schuster. John Gierach is one of the premier fly fishing writers and he chronicles his trips and fly fishing adventures with humor and wit.

4. A selection of responses will be published on The Fly Fishing Rabbi.

When you e-mail your responses, please be sure to include your choice of The Fly Fishing Rabbi button or magnet. To e-mail me: CLICK HERE

Note: While the questions specifically mention fly fishing, feel free to answer for any other type of fishing too.

1. How did you start fly fishing?

2. Why do you fly fish?

3. Have your ever had a religious or spiritual moment while fly fishing?

4. Do you relate fishing to preserving the environment and conservation?

5. Do you take steps to protect the environment and to preserve the places where you fish?

To e-mail me your responses by August 5th, CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoy thinking about these questions and answering them as much as I did. I look forward to receiving your responses!

The Fly Fishing Rabbi
Eric Eisenkramer

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